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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 8th Aug 2023 At Co Rooms, we are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and protect the information you provide while using Co Rooms website . By accessing or using our Website, you consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Here are common elements you might find in a website's privacy policy:

  • Personal Information Collection: The policy will specify what types of personal information the hotel collects. This could include names, contact details, payment information, and any other data required for reservations.

  • How Information is Collected: Details on the methods used to collect personal information, such as through online forms, booking systems, or cookies, may be included.

  • Purpose of Collection: The hotel should state the purpose for which it collects personal information. For example, this could be for processing reservations, improving services, or sending promotional materials.

  • Third-Party Sharing: Information about whether the hotel shares your data with third parties and the reasons for doing so. This might include sharing with booking platforms, marketing partners, or other service providers.

  • Security Measures: Information on the security measures in place to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

  • Cookies and Tracking Technologies: If the website uses cookies or other tracking technologies, the privacy policy should explain how and why they are used.

  • Opt-Out Options: Information on how users can opt-out of certain data collection or marketing communications if they wish to do so.

  • Retention Period: The length of time the hotel will retain your personal information.

  • Updates to the Privacy Policy: A statement indicating that the hotel may update its privacy policy and how users will be informed of such changes.

  • Contact Information: Details on how users can contact the hotel with privacy-related inquiries or concerns.

  • Always read the privacy policy of a Co RoomS website before providing any personal information to understand how your data will be handled and to make informed decisions about using their services.

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    Wedding & Pre Wedding Functions

    Wedding & Pre Wedding Functions

    Celebrate love with unforgettable wedding and pre-wedding functions. From joyous mehndi ceremonies adorned with vibrant colors to elegant sangeet nights filled with music and dance, culminating in a heartwarming wedding ceremony. Create timeless memories surrounded by laughter, tradition, and the promise of a beautiful journey together.

    MICE & Corporate Events

    MICE & Corporate Events

    MICE encompasses strategic planning and execution of business events, fostering collaboration and networking. Corporate events, ranging from conferences to team-building activities, facilitate professional growth and enhance organizational cohesion. MICE plays a pivotal role in corporate success by creating dynamic platforms for knowledge exchange and relationship building.

    Social & Corporate Events

    Social & Corporate Events

    Social events bring people together for shared experiences, fostering connections and creating memorable moments. Whether it's a lively party, cultural gathering, or community function, these occasions provide a platform for networking, entertainment, and celebration, enhancing social bonds and enriching the fabric of relationships within a community or group.

    Occasions, Family Function & Events

    Occasions, Family Function & Events

    Occasions, Family, functions and events mark life`s milestones, uniting loved ones in celebration. From weddings radiating love to birthdays brimming with laughter, these occasions weave precious memories. Anniversaries honor enduring bonds, while holidays foster warmth and togetherness. Each gathering is a tapestry of shared moments, etching happiness in the hearts of all.

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